Carpet Vac 7amp  12" HD101 BAG
Dual Use 50'cord SSS

Product #: 192310

Weight: 20


This line of budget-friendly upright vacuums is a reliable choice for general vacuuming. The units are designed for dependability, ease of use, and low cost serviceability. Both units feature a steel brush roller for extended reliability; a long 50 foot power cord for improved user productivity and six carpet height adjustments: to accommodate low-pile commercial carpet, to more plush carpet. Both units have a lifetime impeller fan constructed of ultra-durable plastic for extended reliability and reduced cost of ownership. If the impeller fan breaks, it will be replaced at no charge. A clear fan cover provides visibility to any object that may be blocking the vacuum intake. Heavy duty long-life 7-amp motors provide all of the power and pickup needed for your daily needs. The models are excellent for building service contractors, hotels, education, food service, and government facilities. Available with zipper filter bag or dirt cup collection system. Both units are certified under the Carpet Rug Institute Seal of Approval Program (SOA).

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