Envirox Carpet Complete Concentrate

Envirox Carpet Complete

Product #: 900606

Weight: 10.5


EnvirOx Carpet Complete Concentrate. Carpet Complete with GNx2 technology does it all! It is an easy-to-use shampoo, spotter, traffic lane cleaner, de-browner, deodorizer and neutralizer. GNx2 Technology features: Improved Cleaning Power; Plant Derived Renewable Resource Ingredients; Petroleum Free; Reduced Aquatic Toxicity; Reduced Human Toxicity and Improved Biodegradability. The cleaning and deodorizing power of hydrogen peroxide delivers stunning results whether its extraction, bonnet, or reduced water cleaning. The encapsulating polymers capture any residual cleaning agents and soils into a hard, brittle polymer that cannot be felt or seen, but is removed the next time you vacuum the carpet. CRI Approved.