Envirox Bucket Buddy Mixer BOTTLE W/ TOP

Envirox Bucket Buddy Mixer

Product #: 900612


EnvirOx Bucket Buddy, 117 Concentrate. Manual dilution of EnvirOx products is fast and accurate with the Bucket Buddy?. The Bucket Buddy? bottle holds up to 32 ounces of concentrated product (enough for 10 mop buckets). Just squeeze the bottle to fill the measuring cup for the desired dilution (heavy-duty or light-duty) and pour into the mop bucket or other container. The dilution guide is printed onto the Bucket Buddy? bottle, as well as the measurement directions for spray bottles, mop buckets and gallon containers. The sturdy handle enables you to hang Bucket Buddy? on a mop bucket or cleaning cart. The Bucket Buddy is available for Concentrate 118 and H2Orange2? Concentrate 117.

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