About Us

“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” - Dee Hock

3rd GEN

When you think of a family business, I bet you don’t think of a playroom being attached to the accounting office, or a row of “first forklift pictures” on the wall, or even the occasional panic of hearing a 2 year old answer the phone with the cutest little “Hew-lo?”

Third Gen LLC has all of those qualities and more. It all started with a man from New Jersey and his very understanding wife and 4 children. Donald Gilmore Plummer Sr. was given a business opportunity in El Paso, TX in 1975. He and his wife packed up their 4 children and took on this entrepreneurship. Little did they know, this business would end up lasting over 40 years.

As with any family business, the 4 children of Don and Janet all put in their time unloading boxes, filing and helping out around the shop. Eventually, even their grandchildren, Donald Gilmore Plummer III and Amelia would be doing the same thing years later! However, it was their oldest son Donald Gilmore Plummer JR, who saw great business potential for this small company and decided to make a career out of expanding it and taking it to a whole new level.

In 2000, Donald Jr and his wife Lisa purchased the company from Don and Janet after their retirement. With this responsibility and motivation, their children Donald III (Known as Trey) and Amelia (known as Amy) would follow in their grandparents and parents footsteps.

Trey officially became a manager in 2011 after graduating from New Mexico State University while Amy received her degree from the University of Texas at El Paso and later joined the family team officially in 2012 working in Accounting.

This family company has been known under several different names including Airkem, D. Gilmore Distributing and now Third Gen. With each generation taking what they learned from the last, molding it, changing it, improving it, and making it their own. However, our vow to our customers, will always be to never change the integrity that you have learned to expect from us, and only carry high quality products that will enhance YOUR business.

And if you ever walk in and almost get run over by a baby in a walker, just know that is our way of saying “Welcome to our family. How can we help you?”